A blog dedicated to the craft of the Old Fashioned cocktail. I am Joey, a cocktail enthusiast. Everyone has “ their drink” and mine happens to be the Old Fashioned. I get them wherever I go, from shady dive bars to exquisite cocktail clubs. I am not a snob, nor am I some master mixologist. Plain and simple, I just like an Old Fashioned, and this blog will be sure to tell you all about it.

The main purpose is as simple as the drink; I’ll try an Old Fashioned, and if it’s good I’ll write about it, and make it as interesting as it can be. I’ll talk about Traditional vs New Age recipes, and how today’s bartenders are putting their fingerprint on the drink. and…every once in awhile, I’ll throw out some ideas of my own, too. Like I said, I am not a master mixologist, but I can slay an Old Fashioned.

Please be active on the comments section, I look forward to hearing all your ideas!