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OF Slinger

The Old Fashioned Slinger

    Ok so this may be a “shot” at the real craft cocktail bartenders of the world, but I think this concept is different, and different is what Dash + Twist is all about…unique ways to drink Old Fashioneds. This concept is certainly the quickest way to drink an Old Fashioned, introducing the Old Fashioned Shooter. I

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    Old Fashioned from Fork

    Old City, Old Fashioned

      Old City Philadelphia is home to so much history Ben Franklin…Betsy Ross…Thomas Jefferson…(Segway) and Jefferson the bartender from Fork. Okay maybe he’s not part of US history, but this Philadelphian’s old fashioned can certainly put him on the map. You know, a classic old fashioned is to a bartender, as a steak is to a

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      Amis Old Fashioned

      An Old Fashioned Good Cause

        Amis…Mark Vetri…A great meal…A great drink…A great cause. Remember those brown bagged lunches you lugged to school as a kid, maybe it had a lunchable, some chocolate milk, and if you were lucky, a fruit by the foot or a pack of dunkaroos? I am sure that brings back some great memories, but to be completely

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        Banana Old Fashioned

        Quick Dash – This Sh*t is Bananas…

          Lloyd Whiskey Bar’s Banana Old Fashioned Yea, I was a bit skeptical of this Old Fashioned, too. But it turned out pretty damn good. My 1st thought once hearing that the ‘sugar’ for the Old Fashioned was vanilla-banana infused simple syrup, was ‘This might be a bit too sweet.’ Over a short debate with my waitress, I

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          The French Old Fashioned

          Far East pt. 1: Nam…Nam…Nam.

            A journey to the other side of the world to experience life like a local though food, culture and… old fashioneds. Part 1: Ho Chi Minh City (Dubbed by myself as: Pho Chi Minh city. Yes, I am white, and I do know it’s pronounced “fha.”) After 5 Vietnamese street coffees, it’s time to balance

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            Quick Dash – 2nd Story Brewery

              Quick Dash is a rapid review of an Old Fashioned. 2nd Story Brewing in Olde City Philadelphia is known for their ever rotating, house brewed beers, but don’t be fooled, they’re more than just pints… 2nd story delivers a classic, no frills old fashioned: Sugar – 2 tsp house made simple syrup Bitters – 3 dashes Angostura

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              Peche Bar Area

              New Technology, Old Fashioned

                An impromptu trip to Austin, TX for the famous “South By” festival put me in front of the most innovative technology imaginable, but more importantly it landed me a barstool at Péché, a French restaurant which is home to good eats, a friendly staff, an over the top spirit selection and a bad ass bartender, Charlie.

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                Charlie - Old Fashioned

                A Sinfully Good Old Fashioned.

                  This week on Dash + Twist I will be highlighting a vegan restaurant, Charlie Was a Sinner. Charlie was a Sinner sits on one of the hottest restaurant blocks in Philadelphia. Located on 13th, between Walnut and Chestnut streets, this small stretch piles up restaurants and bars like rush hour traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway. If you’re

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                  Making Mark Zuckerburg proud…

                    Dash + Twist has a growing social media presence! Make sure to follow Dash + Twist on Facebook and Instagram, if you want quick snippets/blog updates of the best Old Fashioned cocktails out there!      If you want pop up notifications of new blog posts on your RSS feed, simply subscribe at the bottom

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                    A New Look at the Old Fashioned…

                      Welcome to Dash + Twist… A blog dedicated to the craft of the Old Fashioned cocktail. I am Joey, and I came up with the idea for this blog a few weeks ago. Everyone has “ their drink” and mine happens to be the Old Fashioned. I get them wherever I go, from shady dive

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