Lloyd Whiskey Bar’s Banana Old Fashioned

Yea, I was a bit skeptical of this Old Fashioned, too. But it turned out pretty damn good.

My 1st thought once hearing that the ‘sugar’ for the Old Fashioned was vanilla-banana infused simple syrup, was ‘This might be a bit too sweet.’

Over a short debate with my waitress, I decided to dive in anyway, and I am glad I did.

The Drink:

Knob Creek Rye

Banana-Vanilla syrup

Ango Bitters

Lemon twist

A lot of whiskey snobs would say some B.S. about ‘notes’ and ‘undertones’ to make a case that Knob Creek Rye is meant to be sipped neat, or on the rocks. My argument (and I bet Lloyd’s too) is that since they are using such a sweet syrup, the whiskey needs enough legs to cut the sweetness. Old Fashioned 101, good job Lloyd.