Old City Philadelphia is home to so much history Ben Franklin…Betsy Ross…Thomas Jefferson…(Segway) and Jefferson the bartender from Fork. Okay maybe he’s not part of US history, but this Philadelphian’s old fashioned can certainly put him on the map. You know, a classic old fashioned is to a bartender, as a steak is to a chef. Sure there are many ways to tweak the recipe, most of which I write about, but there is something about a perfectly cooked¬†plain ol’ steak that is just as impressive. Jefferson Bobby Flay-ed the shit out of this old fashioned.

Fork is known mainly for their unique French Cuisine and equally enjoyable wine list. There was no old fashioned on the menu, so I decided to go rouge…¬†something you cannot do with a steak…unless you can’t read, or you are Corky Romano.

The Drink:

High West Rendeveous Rye

A Dash of demerara simple syrup

A touch of molasses

Ice cubes

Lemon and Orange Twist

A Perfectly balanced drink and the touch of Molasses was a major key.

Ready for the most exciting part? Apparently there is a unique Old Fashioned going on the menu this week that uses corn cob syrup for the sweet with a touch spicy pepper…that’s the teaser I was given….hmmn guess Dash and Twist will have to stop back for the drink and also to drop off some new D+T swag!