Amis…Mark Vetri…A great meal…A great drink…A great cause.

Remember those brown bagged lunches you lugged to school as a kid, maybe it had a lunchable, some chocolate milk, and if you were lucky, a fruit by the foot or a pack of dunkaroos? I am sure that brings back some great memories, but to be completely honest, eating that 5 times a week isn’t exactly “healthy.” No matter how much Pokemon Go you play. (Sorry, had to through it in there #SEO) But Mark Vetri, famous Philadelphia Chef and restaurateur, has a very unique approach to help solve unhealthy eating.

After enjoying a couple A La Modas


Al La Moda – In Fashioned, Old Fashioned

Sweet: Demerara Sugar Syrup (Light brown sugar)

Bitter: Angostura

Spirit: Four Roses Bourbon

Garnish: Lemon and Orange Peel

Stirred to perfection and poured over small rocks. A very solid “no frills” old fashioned.

that were paired with some phenomenal small plates, it was time to pony up. The bill fold was what really caught my attention, it had some pictures of kids cooking and it read Vetri Community Partnership. This is a program that helps kids build healthy bodies and healthy minds through healthy eating. Every one of the Vetri Family Restaurants participates in this Eatiquette program. What’s Eatiquette? It’s a program that transforms that lonely Lunchable into a family style environment where children gather around tables, pass plates of healthy, home-cooked food to one another, and experience social interaction and communication.

Yes, it may seem a bit odd to promote this on a whiskey blog, but an awesome program, like this one, should have as much exposure as it can. Hats off Mr’ Vetri, improving life through the art of food. (and drink…if you’re an adult…and you should be if you’re reading this blog!)

Learn more about the program over an old fashioned at any of the Vetri Restaurants… or visit them at