Ok so this may be a “shot” at the real craft cocktail bartenders of the world, but I think this concept is different, and different is what Dash + Twist is all about…unique ways to drink Old Fashioneds. This concept is certainly the quickest way to drink an Old Fashioned, introducing the Old Fashioned Shooter. I want to say I invented the Old Fashioned shooter, but I am sure there are thousands of mixologist that have claimed this ‘fun-sized’ cocktail as well.

Take 1: The Old Fashioned Shot

Now my version was fairly straight forward; add your usual O.F. ingredients in a mixing glass (I used Bulleit Bourbon, light brown sugar and Ango bitters.) stir with ice, strain into a shot glass and add the cutest little orange twist to accompany the shot glass. I chose to flame the orange essence into the glasses for a little added flair. Accompany with your favorite beer, probably a pumpkin beer because it’s now October, and repeat.

So, as you can see, that was pretty basic, so I had to come up with a more creative way. We tossed the idea around and came up with the following…

Take 2: The Old Fashioned Slinger

Let’s reminisce back to your 21st birthday…next to the multiple bar-entry stamps on your hand, sits a line of salt. A warm shot of Pepe Lopez in the other hand, and a nasty lime sits on the nearest bar napkin. Ready… LICK, DRINK, SUCK. We all know that procedure way too well. Well, as sad (awesome) as it sounds, this was the inspiration for the new Old Fashioned shot, just a little more “grown up,” kind of.

Step 1: Prep the shot by marinating some orange twists in bitters. Sorry 21 year olds, this one takes some foresight. I currently have the twists soaking in aged citrus bitters by 5 by 5 tonics, cut with water and I kept a few bourbon soaked cherries in the jar as well. (Keep refrigerated.)

Step 2: Prep the shot glass by rimming one side of the glass with brown sugar. Since we are now adults we do not need to slurp sugar off your hand, so I decided to rim this one. (hold the jokes, again we are adults…)

Step 3: Pick your bourbon and pour the shot. Remember you’ll be shooting this down, so I recommend using a less-expensive bourbon. Try Elijah Craig, Evan Williams or the standard Buffalo Trace.

Step 4: Lastly, rest the soaked orange twist on the opposite side of the sugar rimmed glass. This is the “lime to your tequila” and is to be sucked on immediately after the shot, creating the perfect Old Fashioned taste in a matter of seconds.

Stay tuned for some upcoming shot experiments… Cheers!